This is all about the happenings in Squamish, Products of Squamish and the

Product Makers of Squamish… in a nut shell … www.SquamishMade.com

Squamih Snow Gnomes awaiting 2010Snow gnomes of Squamish

here are the pages of general interest: ….Index of content —- looking for contributors
— Kite boarding Wind Surfing
— Diamond Head Chalet and Garibaldi Park
— Fishing salmon right in town
— Rafting,kayaking, canoeing
— Biking
— Hiking
— Boating,Sailing,
— Climbing
— Sightseeing in comfort with new S2S Gondola
— Birding, Eagle watching
— Horseback trips
–Music and other festivals, Loggers sport
— Rec-Tech Industry
— Universities 2
— Hospital state of the art
–First nation Culture Centre
— Casino
— Great Camping
— Rec Centre,ball field ,pool, ice plus..
— Alice Lake and Brohm lake swimming and fishing
— Airport and Air sightseeing
— Museums Historic, Rail, Mining Britannia
–Many health club and physio
— Senior centre
— BAG Art and Music coffee Art Gallery
— Start-up, entrepreneurs centre
— Garibaldi wilderness park
— Great Business and industrial Park
— Estuary tours
— Mountain ATV roads
— Snow shoeing and Snowmobiling
— Golf
— Great things happening in the Down town part
–Friendly people
–Great Summer Weather
–Not far from World class Skiing at Whistler Mtn
— only 3/4 Hr from Vancouver on a Scenic Highway
— more to be added later…..

Chieftain Murial

Chieftain Murial front