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Initial letter to FortisBC 01-05-2014

Dear Sir,
On behalf of some of us interested to form the Commuter Club of Squamish, I am writing to officially request that Squamish would be able to purchase CNG from FortisBC, for there vehicles that are converted and/or awaiting to be converted, awaiting the availability of CNG in the corridor, meaning in Squamish, Whistler and West Vancouver, allowing the commuting public to take advantage of this necessary commodity, since it is the best and most cost effective fuel source and it is of utmost importance, that we will get your opinion and promise by when we could expect it and/or a policy statement, that we can disuse further if necessary. Please pass this request on to who ever is responsible for providing CNG and let me know to whom we might have to correspond with in the further if necessary.
With no proper respond this is what I had to write to the BCUC in hopes that we would get a response…..

.Attn. Commissioner of BCUCDear
It has been again, a long time without any concrete answers from FortisBC, as per copy attached, with regards to having asked FortisBC for there position with regards of providing CNG to the public and I am worried that again there position is rather, not to supply it . It is an absolute necessity that the public should have access to this very important valuable natural recourse, that we believe as commuters here in Squamish and possible elsewhere, would be absolute desirable and profitable and with FortisBC actively engaged to supply Natural Gas for export as LNG, it is equally important that FortisBC would be mandated to provide CNG now, without further delay. This now readily available supply of Natural Gas resource at source, the availability to the Canadian market would be of greatly profit to the future consumers of this resource, creating additional jobs and lowering cost of energy consumption ( Heat and transportation Fuel) and activate Canadian commercial product activities, that would be created here and exported to the World, creating extra jobs and boosting Canada’s GDP. The readily available supply of CNG to the Canadian market first, would be a bigger profit, then the uncertain LNG ventures now proposed, with a debatable long term net benefit and with the CNG already available at source, if released for commercialization, would be very useful for the Canadian public, to enjoy and profit from. It should be encouraged and or mandated that this would be made available before any LNG venture is approved and/or considered.