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The Newest and most cost efficient way to develop a hillside property and/or make a property double the value, by adding a “Cable Way Incline-lift”, to create access to the Ocean from a road on top, or Valley to a cabin away from immediate road access, to your cabin on a hillside. A “Cable Way Incline-Lift”, will create that save, comfortable and affordable access, between a cottage and a primary residence, or a garage on a Valley road, to build a house or Cabin with privacy and view, on the hillside, as far away as 1,000ft.

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If you have a property that is sold as “Waterfront property” but the road is on top of your property 4-600 ft away from the water and the services on top, you want to live on the water side, otherwise it is not waterfront property, we will come to help to lay out for you, our novel Cableway lift system, also known as Incline-elevator. This is with the Wagon or Gondola up to your requirement, or just a simple platform with a bench seat , so you can transport besides workers also some material, to build your waterfront residence or hillside cabin or terrace housing project. By building the cottage house or secondary dwelling first and then adding on to, once build and all approved, a cableway where you don,t need government approval, as long as you build it yourself and we will supply the commercially approved components with instructions, that would even pass, if such device would be mandated e.g. if commercially used by law, but it is not necessary, as long as you build it, to approved safety standards, you with your local contractor, if necessary with our assist also available, able to build you this transport device to the safest standards with State of the Art design, the best bargain in the cable transport industry, tested in the original design over 5 years successfully, with more safety then a car ( with 4 independent safety breaks) incorporated, automatically fail-save operating. The ride will be pleasant and smooth as the wagon is riding on 2 highly tightly tensioned main cables, with each having a breaking strength of 40,000 lbs and 2 separate pull and safety overspend break loops, with electronic Inverter dynamic breaking system, as well as disk break service break and centrifugal over speed break, as well as manual hand break for certain other operations, designed to suite various scenarios, to keep you save. With a comfortable and not scary 2 minute ride for 400 ft of up or down travel, makes it a pleasant experience, with the wagon any where between 2-4 ft above ground on average. This makes ” Hillside Living ” affordable, fun and private, quite, away from noisy traffic, possible neighbours and visits by invited guests only.






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