Canuckie Cookies

Is it a card? Is it a puzzle? Is it cookie?


It’s a Canuckie!

Derived from the” Swiss Brazeli ” the somewhat similar Italian “Pizzelli ” and now the all new Canuckies, ” the Canadian Cookies” that are absolute non comparable to any imitations or past  already wonderful treats .. now the difference is, they come in many variations and to suite as many tastes as Canada is made of . There could be a Curry, a Maple, a Poutine, a Frozen toe NWT!! or maybe a “Trudoh cooky” when announced and of course the door is open to have many more ethnic taste,s come on  board, as we say, who knows witch one will be the most demanded and most pleasing to the ” Canadian sweet tooth population”

Here is what you have to do…. listen carefully when you unpack and are opening the box sometime you might even hear the cookie speak!! it has a secret message only for you and nobody else will know what it says and of course if it is not sure you are the right person, it can not reveal the content as it is sworn to secrecy…

So this is where we come in, to help you with these written instructions, herewith and a bit of your own investigative skills, for you to decipher it.

If you give up, take a picture of the assembled row of Canuckies as per easy recognizable symbols on each Canuckies cellophane sleeve, or with  the help of the “personal assembly strip of symbols” on top in your box, just make sure the zip strip collar on top and always the same red collar not mixed up . Then take a picture of it and send the picture to

We will eider send you the full Alphabetic conversion of the “Canuckies secret symbols language” and in due time you will be able with an app and your cell phone, direct without any effort, decipher the text in the future. This of course once you are registered at and with it have become an accredited secret agent, that can correspond with other “Secret Canuckies Agents” as long as you keep it top secret !!

So now here a hint of how the Canuckies -Masters have come up with the secret Symbol language and as a test of your skills and intuitiveness and creative endurance to find out.

Warning this already is very private and can not be divulged and if your lover or unexpected visitor should show up unexpectedly, you have to immediately eat the sample as it is digestible of course and can not be retrieved !!!

….The regular alphabet is divided into six columns the first with 4 (call them letter cards) the third from the front and second last having 5 cards .Each having on top a symbol that is for all cards of that column applicable with the addition of the same as in the first column sample of course.
v )     < )      > )     + )      = )      ^) these are the main symbols in addition to the other secondary one,s as shown in the sample below, with the main marking that is through out the same, as the first column shows and so you have to put it together and put on each card the letter that it represents. Here is the first column block V) and the secondary markings of that column block, with the corresponding alphabetic letter it represents
V  =A
V/ =B
\V =C
/V =D
The rest you have to figure out yourself…we are a highly skilled bunch and can do it, as we are secret agents, some can apply to CSIS,IRS,REV Can,ETC afterwards.