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The ProductMakersDen “PMD” is an association of like minded individuals, or key people, to promote and help others to strengthen entrepreneurial ventures in the Sea to Sky corridor, for more job creation and retention in the Squamish area mainly.

The product listings have a short intro to each product, eider already in production , produced sometime ago, but not actively promoted at this time, conceptual designs ready for further R+D , with all rights, jigs, engineering and support by the owner provided, to an approved individual wanting to continue producing or to incorporate it into his own product.

By using the ” Contact Us” we will get promptly back to you for additional information on any of the products listed, to explain the ventures that are at hand, where a qualified and interested person could participate as volunteer/apprentice, aspiring partner, or take over a retiring entrepreneurs business, or just outright purchase a company closing  and/or liquidating, many opportunities are awaiting the right persons with the right motivation, to become an entrepreneur and with it Self employed.

The secondary part of this website is also to reach out to ” LikeMinded” people, to share events, problems and opportunities, other then, or additional to the endeavour of entrepreneurship. Items like Volunteering and Social Justice and Free-Enterprise general, within a Democracy Society, by strengthening the Democratic Way of doing business, by Government and Organizations, that should be held responsible and made to adhere to the best interest of all, not just a few privileged ones. To share in the good life of Canada,s High Standard of Living and with Justice, to include the not so privileged groups or individuals, to provide hope and support to them with the Moto ….. “Work for all and adequate Pay accordingly”